Welcome to thezed.net. Online home for Zane Francis, a software architect from Melbourne, Australia.

The site is currently a little lacking in content. It's usually used by me as somewhere I can test some web idea that will run on a LAMP stack (or just some simple JavaScript).

These days I'm usually up to my neck in JEE and Echo2 AJAX Framework so it's good to take a break with something a little lighter and just start going at some PHP.

This site is powered by Drupal. Hopefully having a proper CMS here will get me in the habit of adding some content once in a while (I have heard myself say that before though!).

Zane is also an Owner/Director of the Melbourne-based software company JX2 Technology, makers of VINx2 Winery Software. JX2 Technology also manages software projects and develops custom software (web, server and desktop). For more info you should contact them