thezed goes drupal

I have spent a little time this past weekend setting up Drupal on this site to get a feel for it.

As far as content management systems go, it's pretty good. It seems to be a lot more developer friendly than Joomla! (however, I can see that Joomla! may be a better CMS for some people under the right circumstances).

Although the theme isn't as pretty as the standard Drupal themes (I put it together years ago one night after work) I decided I would have a go at creating a Drupal theme from it. At the same time I decided to take out the fixed table layout and make it div/list based (a lot more content-friendly). It's not identical to the original (which I think is more to do with shying away from tables than Drupal's fault). I decided to clean out the Google ads as well, and have put my AJAX-RSS Ticker away for a little while (have a bit more work to get it from table-based to div based... I got it close, but I really don't have the time at the moment to fiddle with it - and it's not like anyone used to come here to view the news in my RSS client anyway ;))

I have used a number of drupal modules (CCK, Views, Taxonomy, Pathauto, Webforms, Meta Tags, Image Assist, to name a few) to put the site up. I am quite amazed at how tightly some of these modules work together. I'm not sure if it's because of the way the drupal project is managed, or maybe it's their design, but that was one problem I found with Joomla! - installing a new module didn't always work with other things you had installed (or you had to do some work to integrate them). Then again, maybe I just got lucky with the modules I chose in drupal :P

I have also extended the theme a little (the right way) to change my feed icon to something err.... greener, as well as change the layout of the search box.